How fast will I lose weight?

I often hear this question. It seems to be super important to people. But does it really matter? What’s your other option? Do you have a diet, which is guaranteed to work, will retain you the results, and you’re just picking the fastest option to the end goal? Highly unlikely. People look for the fastest […]

What’s the biggest mistake I see most often in dieting?

There are a lot of minor details that might go amiss when one chooses the right diet. There are tons of specifics and minute adjustments, which can lead you off-balance from a good nutrition plan. But that’s not the biggest mistake people make when dieting. The biggest mistake is getting bogged down in those little […]

Natural fallacies

Not everything that’s natural or bio is actually healthy. Let’s put that on the table. There’s this predominant myth that if a specific food, nutritional supplement or medicine are “natural” they are healthier for us. First of all, what does natural entail? For instance, even natural medicines have been extracted and processed in labs. Something more, […]

“Why it’s only me that gains weight so fast?”

We all know people who seem to eat everything, but don’t gain weight, while we or some of our friends and acquaintances have to confront the question above. This is a very relevant question to this specific time of year – the holiday season. Why? Because most people choose to go on some trending new […]

What food do I buy?

So, here’s a very important question relevant to a blog post I made some time ago. What you really have in the fridge is what’s going to compose your diet, for the most part. You don’t have anything good in the fridge? Well, how do you expect to be suddenly eating a balanced diet? I […]

Puff pastries with protein cheese

Those are one of my favorites. As such I have to be careful with them, but I don’t exclude them from my diet completely. On the contrary, I try to have them from time to time, but in a limited portion. The name in English is a bit awkward, to say the least, but let’s […]

Бутер банички за 10 минути

Бутер баничките са една от слабостите ми и като такава се опитвам да ги избягвам, но в никакъв случай изцяло. Напротив, предпочитам да присъстват в диетата ми, макар и рядко и то в по-балансиран вид. Какво значи това? Нека ви покажа стъпка по стъпка. Започваме с бутер тесто по избор, но на мен това ми […]

Коя е най-добрата диета?

Простият отговор е – тази, към която може да се придържате най-дълго (неопределено) време. Истината е, че не е важно кой колко килограма е свалил с последната диета за няколко седмици или месеца, защото в 99% от случаите те се възвръщат с лихва. Важното е колко дълго време може да се придържате към един по-изчистен […]

What’s the best diet?

The one that’s sustainable for an indefinite time. The one you can adopt as a lifestyle, not just as a temporary solution. That’s the short and true answer of it. Whether that means that you are going to cut out a whole group of foods (which I personally don’t recommend) or you’re going just to […]

What do you have in your fridge?

What’s for dinner? Maybe you ask yourselves this question on a daily basis. But do you usually think of it only after you realize you are already hungry or downright starving? Well, if you recognize yourselves in the above you are most likely doing a big mistake, which compromises a lot of your efforts towards […]