What’s the biggest mistake I see most often in dieting?

There are a lot of minor details that might go amiss when one chooses the right diet. There are tons of specifics and minute adjustments, which can lead you off-balance from a good nutrition plan.

But that’s not the biggest mistake people make when dieting. The biggest mistake is getting bogged down in those little details and missing the big picture. Without the basic knowledge of macronutrients and calorie intake/expenditure people are trying to play at a game they don’t even know the rules of.

Even if you achieve a result this way it is most likely going to be short-term and you will regress to the previous state you were just frustrating yourself along the way. What’s really important is gaining the basic knowledge of a good nutrition plan, the constitution of food, how much it costs in terms of calories, so you know what to expect and some ballpark estimations to guide you.

I am not saying you should start counting and weighing your food, but the problem is not in some extra weight. The issues starts with some lack of knowledge and comprehension.

By the way, consider the image above. Probably you think it’s bad for you and you are never allowed to eat it? Well, the answer is not really. If a single person the whole of it, yes, you’re pretty much at least halfway through your daily calories. If you are a woman it is worth even more of your daily kcal budget. The lesson is that you can enjoy that burger but don’t stuff yourself. Share it with a loved one or if you are alone throw the rest away, feed some stray puppies with it, whatever. Just don’t stuff yourself because you “paid for it”. You will end up paying a lot more when you try to finish everything on your plate.

It’s easier to do the right thing than you think. 🙂


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