Natural fallacies

Not everything that’s natural or bio is actually healthy. Let’s put that on the table. There’s this predominant myth that if a specific food, nutritional supplement or medicine are “natural” they are healthier for us.

First of all, what does natural entail? For instance, even natural medicines have been extracted and processed in labs. Something more, almost 50% of all medicines that are being sold by “Big Pharma” have been extracted from natural plants.

On the other hand, there are a lot of natural ingredients, which can practically kill us. Mess up the type of mushroom you just picked and you are more likely to die from agonizing pain rather than have a nice picknick in the forrest. There are lots poisonous plants, animals, etc.

Let’s try not to paint the world in black and white and not hurry making easy distinctions.

With regards to “natural cures” I have fresh experience from just this summer. I couldn’t sleep for quite some nights, so finally it was recommended to me to drink an extract from mint, glock, and valeriana plants. Well, it’s all natural, what could go wrong? Let me tell you. Yes, I had the most energizing precious sleep for the month I continued drinking this herb extract. However, I also gained some weight, without ever changing my routines or dietary regime. Probably I had a bigger appetite but didn’t recognize it, I felt less satiated with the same amount of food or the medicine just messed up my metabolism rate. The last one is really possible although nobody will tell you so when you buy it. After all, the target part of the brain of this medicine is the one, which is responsible for sleep, at the base of our skulls. However, it is also responsible for our temperature, homeostasis, basic metabolic rate, sexual urges and maybe some other important things like these.

I stopped drinking the extract and in the manner of a few days I completely lost the added weight, which was probably more like water weight, and had my feeling of satiation go back to its normal level.

Not everything natural is healthy and not everything made by people is evil, only for profit. Let’s be grown ups and stop believing in wishful myths.

Thumbs up if you agree! 🙂

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