Consistency – the most important skill to develop in diet and exercise

What’s the most important skill or characteristic to have in diet and exercise? That’s a question I often get a lot, although formulated in various ways.


Consistency beats perfection. Consistency beats motivation. It’s more important than inspiration. Consistency brings you from where you are to where you want to be. This sounds really simple, but it’s a lesson you learn the hard way after years and years of training and diets.

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Why is it so important to be consistent? 

Because this is what provides the best results in the long term. A little bit every day equals to a great difference at the end of the year. Don’t go for the ultimate, back-breaking, exhausting to death training. It will be 2 hours long and you will do it for the next week or so. But when you get tired from it you won’t do anything for the next couple of months. Go for the small, habit-like training of 15-45 minutes a day.

15 minutes per day x 350 days in a year (cause you will skip a few) =  5,250 minutes of activity or resistance training for one year.

This is only on top of the cardio activity you will practice on an ad-hoc basis. Say, you walk 7 hours every week.

7 x 52 = 364 hours x 60 minutes = 21,840 of active minutes (walking) a year.

You see how small changes add up? That’s how great physiques are built over time.

Diet and consistency

Eat just 50 grams of candy more than your calorie budget needs every day and this is what happens:

50 grams of chocolate, chocolate bars are on average 260 kcals.

260 x 365 days = 94,900 extra kcals a year!

An extra kilo (not water weight) is approximately 7,700 kcals of surplus (It is 3500 kcals for a pound). Respectively, you need to burn off the same deficit to lose a kg.

Do you really want me to tell you how long you will need to burn them off?

1 hour in the fitness equals somewhere between 150-300 kcals depending on the type of exercises and the intensity. Those numbers are subjective, but you get the picture.

1 hour of running will burn you off approximately 450 kcals, but again intensity and heart rate are the defining factors.

You do the math. 🙂


Keep to a good plan, keep the macros approximately right, keep active.

You will fall off the wagon every now and then, but keep the trend line on the right track.

We are all like this.

Talk soon!


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