“Why it’s only me that gains weight so fast?”

We all know people who seem to eat everything, but don’t gain weight, while we or some of our friends and acquaintances have to confront the question above. This is a very relevant question to this specific time of year – the holiday season. Why? Because most people choose to go on some trending new diet, which promises fast weight loss in a matter of weeks. And it works. For a while…

The reason for this is that such diets, whatever they might be, who promise you a rapid weight loss basically work on the same principle – they make you lose water weight and some muscle mass. Which might have been precious little to begin with.

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I will tell you what will happen by the end of the summer season when people get back to their normal eating habits and routines. Most of them will gain back all the lost weight in a matter days, a week or two. How’s that possible? Well, weight is not gained that fast under normal circumstances. However, the people who practised the flash diets didn’t actually lose real weight. Most of it was, as I already mentioned, water weight and muscle mass. This will be fully amended by the mechanism of the body the moment it sees the surplus of calories again. It will be even more effective in storing all the extra cals.

Does that answer the question from the title?

You tell me by the end of the summer! 🙂 I bet you will recognize this pattern over and over again.

Have a great summer and talk to you soon!

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