What food do I buy?

So, here’s a very important question relevant to a blog post I made some time ago.

What you really have in the fridge is what’s going to compose your diet, for the most part. You don’t have anything good in the fridge? Well, how do you expect to be suddenly eating a balanced diet?

I am going to show you what I bought yesterday in my local supermarket. Yes, you read that right. Healthy foods can be bought in the supermarket. It doesn’t have to be that hippie organic place around the corner.

What you are going to see consists mostly of protein-rich dairy foods, which I love having around for breakfast or as an addition to other meals. So, here we go!


I will give you a quick breakdown of all the interesting foods in my basket, but most of them are rich in proteins, low on carbs and fats. Not that I want to eat only this type of food, but they are a great way of balancing one’s diet.

So, here they are one by one. We start with the protein cheese or a.k.a. milk curd. That’s a great dietary product because of the high-quality of the protein and its overall macro nutrient compostion.


Both of these are milk curds, both low-fat, no added carbs (sugars). Isn’t that magic? 🙂

Below we have the Scandinavian variety of milk curd – Skyr. It’s amazing. The taste is great and it could go with almost anything – either sweet or salty. 11 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbs and no fats. This is what I call brilliant!


Cottage cheese – great taste, interesting texture, superb macro nutrient composition.


For breakfast I usually have an omletter, which I with 3 eggs, but only one of them whole. Since that’s not satiating enough I add a few spoons of the cottage cheese or milk curd. Add some condiments, maybe a small rusk on the side, and you are good to go about your day.

Since we mentioned the rusks, here are the ones I buy. Check the label. Pretty neat.


Some fruits and veggies? I didn’t buy lots of them this time around, because I already have them, but here are the ones I got. Cherry tomatoes and frozen berries. The latter are a great addition to a protein smoothie. They give you the frozen texture, amazing flavor and color. Plus, they are super rich in antioxidants and what not, while keeping the carbs really low. 🙂


Next in line – tuna fish! Absolute must for every self-respecting fridge. 😀

Tuna is extremely low on fats and very rich in proteins. Plus, it has a great taste and is an easy addition to a green salad. Just look at the label and see how great it is. Note – here I have the one in sunflower oil, which I drain. Preferrably, I go for the one in salt brine, but it wasn’t available yesterday. No big deal, just as I said – drain the extra oil you don’t need.


And now for the dessert! We all love ice cream. Here is a great substitute for it and actually it tastes better than most I have tried – some kind of frozen yoghurt, but with such a rich and silky taste that you wouldn’t know it’s not ice cream if I didn’t tell you. So much for double/triple negatives in one sentence. 🙂



Grab a spoon and enjoy! It’s always wise to check the labels. The supermarkets are well-stacked with great foods. You just have to read the labels carefully and choose wisely. 🙂

See you again soon!

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