What do you have in your fridge?

What’s for dinner? Maybe you ask yourselves this question on a daily basis. But do you usually think of it only after you realize you are already hungry or downright starving?

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Well, if you recognize yourselves in the above you are most likely doing a big mistake, which compromises a lot of your efforts towards a better diet. If you are trying to decide what to eat only after you realize you are hungry and then start looking for that meal you are most likely going to go for whatever you have in front of you – be it junk food or something similar. The other mistake this behavior leads to is that you are probably going to buy something ready-made, which is most of the times a bad choice. Food, which is being prepared outside of your home, is predominantly made so with the goal of being delicious and tasty. If that means adding more fats, salt, etc, they will do so.

I have always insisted that the good diet is most of all based on good planning and organization skills, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Stack up on foods, which you can use to easily cook up something tasty and nutritious anytime.
  • Basic foods like dairy, meats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can be combined in almost limitless varieties of meals. It’s a good idea to have them in your fridge year-round.
  • Create your own kind of menu and think of several favorite meals, which you would gladly have on a regular basis.
  • Think what you would like to have for dinner well-ahead of it. Don’t let the decision till the last possible moment.
  • Create a healthy set of dietary habits, which will include sample meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • As a general rule of thumb – cook your food at home. Businesses, for the time being, want you to eat more of their food and they want it to be tasty. How this affects your waistline is still your responsibility.

In light of this, don’t let somebody else be responsible for the decisions in your diet. You are the only person responsible for this – own it. 


As a matter of fact, I am not talking about some fancy foods, which can only be purchased from organic stores. On the contrary, I am referring to the run-of-the-mill veggies, fruits, meats, dairy, and whole grains. Those foods are usually not processed and have a healthy balance of macro and micro nutrients. Some of them are also rich in fiber, water, and general volume, which is also important. None of them are contributors of “empty calories”, which is a term I am sure you have already heard of. It means that a food may be calorie-rich, but at the same time micro nutrient poor. What do such foods lead to? Well, to obese bodies, which are at the same time nutritionally starving. It sounds as an oxymoron, but it is, unfortunately, a fact.

This whole thing sounds like common sense, but then why are most people just skipping those steps? There must be some kind of explanation and probably everybody has their own. But what I have noticed through the years of talking to people is that the ones, who cannot establish a healthy diet and training regimen always have their own excuses. Rather than that, I am wholeheartedly recommending that we should look for solutions instead.



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