Homemade tortillas

Hello there! 🙂

I am going to present you my recipe for homemade tortillas. It’s nothing fancy, but I love them because they are a light food, which can be used in a versatile menu. Quick, easy to make, nutritious, and a great source of carbs.


Side note: I have no aspirations as a culinary expert or even a novice. I am sure many of you, guys, can improve on the recipe and deliver better results, but I am just sharing the way I do it, in case you haven’t had the idea yet. 

I love tortillas! 🙂 They are tasty and easy to use with lots of different dressings, salads and meats. I usually consume them with a light dressing, some veggies and a decent portion of chicken or red meat. Personally, I prefer to have them homemade, because the store-bought are often too big, too greasy, or both.

So, what do we need? I use the following:

  • 100-200 gr flour. You can use either wholegrain or regular, but the former is a little harder to stretch and bake afterwards.
  • 1-2 whole eggs
  • 50-100 ml water
  • 10-20 gr olive oil (or any other kind if you prefer)
  • spices – I use a lots of them. The more condiments you use in a creative manner the more interesting and unique the taste of your tortillas will be. I usually use salt, sweet red pepper, chili pepper, dried basil, rosemary, oregano, etc.

How do we go about it? Well, here are some photos and basic directions:

  • We add the flour and the condiments in a bowl and mix them up;
  • After the spices are dispersed evenly in the flour we add the liquid ingredients – oil, eggs, water;



  • Time to get messy. After we prepare the dough we get something like in the first picture below.
  • This portion is too big to use at one time. This is why I prepare only the tortillas we are going to eat at the specific meal. The photo on the right shows a portion for two people – two small tortillas per person.


  • The next favorite step of mine – the stretching of the dough with the rolling pin. 🙂
  • You can see that the tortillas are pretty small and thin, which contributes to their fast cooking time.
  • It probably doesn’t take more than two minutes per tortilla to be ready on both sides.


  • The cool part of the recipe is to stretch the hot and steamy tortilla around the rolling pin for approximately 30 seconds. This gives them the unique tortilla appearance.
  • Plus, it’s easier like this to fill them in with veggies and meat. The last ingredient is missing from the pictures, because it is still on the oven.
  • Bon Appetite, guys and girls! 🙂



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