On proteins in a couple of minutes

pexels-photo-262973.jpegProteins and muscles have become synonymous and almost interchangeable terms. Not only is this untrue, but it also creates a bad reputation for protein. People who are not into lifting heavy stuff and don’t want to look like a meaty wardrobe sometimes avoid consuming protein on the false presumption that it would make them fat.

Proteins are a lot more than just taking care of beefing up your muscles. They are the building blocks of pretty much every matter in your body. Bones, organs, hair, nails? Yes, made up of protein. Even those small things in your body, which help every chemical process go along smoothly – the enzymes, are made of proteins. So, if you want a healthy body maybe you should first give it the main currency for building that it needs – those proteins.

Another common misconception – “Protein will make me fat.” No, it will not. It isn’t any more calorie dense than a carbohydrate. As a matter of fact, it is a lot harder to become fat on a protein rich diet, because in a way they are self-limiting. Proteins are so satiating that you are highly unlikely to gorge on them. Going back to the calorie content of the macro nutrients here is a list you will definitely find useful to keep in mind:


  • Proteins- 4 kcal / 1 gram
  • Carbs- 4 kcal / 1 gram
  • Fats – 9 kcal / 1 gram
  • Alcohol – 7 kcal / 1 gram – even though that’s not a macro nutrient and is in a group all by itself I decided to give you the info in case you find it USEFUL. 😀

Those nutritional facts seem to be very obnoxious and people usually are reluctant to pay attention to them, but experience has shown that when you are just keeping a basic track of the calorie consumption you are more likely to consume less. Not only this, but on the contrary to expectations the stress of dieting is actually less. Once you are aware of much you actually consume the guesswork is out of the equation and you can rightfully enjoy a dessert, guilt-free.




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