“I don’t have time to workout.”

Sounds familiar? We all know a friend who says this. Or maybe we tell it to ourselves? Or do we use it to as an excuse?



Undoubtedly at some point of our lives we are all overwhelmed with personal and professional obligations, which leave us exhausted and with no time to spare. However, it would be best if this was the exception from the rule, rather than the norm.

The key to a sustainable training regimen is the good planning and organization skill. Do you have your priorities set straight? Do you even know what are your priority tasks for the upcoming week? Set some time aside for activities and sport.



Does it sound too much to workout about 15 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week? What about 3 times of longer activities of up to an hour? Can you justify it before yourself that this is a luxury you cannot afford? Set this time aside in your calendar. You’re not using one to write down your tasks? I greatly recommend that you start doing so. Not only it allows you to see all your appointments in an easy to grasp visual way, but it will also free you from fretting around that you are forgetting something.

Aren’t you pissed with the time wasted in traffic? Maybe you have a gym nearby your workplace, which you can hit right after you finish your workday. Get the workout over with before you go home and hit the couch.


Barack Obama used to hit the gym at 5 am in the morning, before going to work as POTUS. During a regular day in the office, I imagine, he had to cope with the worry of Kim Jong Un pressing the red button and launching some nuclear missiles. So, in a way, I think the rest of us with less pressing obligations can also enjoy a workout in our daily routines.

Sport and the benefits of it are numerous for both our bodies and minds. If all those benefits could be compiled into a pill this would be a dream come true for the big pharmacy. So take this pill for free and enjoy all the pros, without any side effects. 🙂

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