Why sweets are an essential part of a healthy diet


Should you cut out the sweets from your diet? This is a common advice you might get, but that’s only a temporary solution.

It’s not uncommon for people in the health industry to vilify the sweets and desserts. As if they are the sole reason for everything wrong with our health. Yes, they are calorie-laden. Yes, they contain a lot of added sugars and unhealthy fats. Yes, they are hard to resist. Having acknowledged this, however, I would like to take the opposing side – they still have a place in a healthy diet.

To begin with, I cannot emphasize enough the following – there is no healthy or unhealthy specific food, but there is a healthy or an unhealthy diet. As a matter of fact, you can have a totally unhealthy diet, composed of otherwise “healthy foods”, but more on that some other time.

Cutting out the sweets or chocolate is only a temporary solution. It is not sustainable in the long term. The best diet is the one, which you embrace as a lifestyle solution. A diet, which can fit your tastes and you can adhere to in the long-term. If sweets and chocolate are one of your favorite foods the decision to abstain from them will only stress you out. Someday you will just give in and will consume obscene amounts of chocolate without even enjoying it that much. Since you have been avoiding it for so long you will act and eat like there will never be chocolate available again…ever. Sounds familiar? Been there, done that. 🙂


The important thing to remember here is that quantity matters. Sweets are calorie dense foods, which usually run in about 500-550 kcals (a.k.a. cals, calories) per 100 grams. As a point of reference, 100 grams is one normal-sized chocolate. But if you order a piece of cake it is very likely it might be in the range of 150-200 grams. So, be smart with it. Try to portion your intake. 50 grams of sweets a day won’t harm you. They will actually satisfy your cravings and in the long-term may help you to not feel deprived from certain foods.


Isn’t it weird that people who love sweets and enjoy them without feeling of guilt are usually thin, while those that are always on a diet don’t sport a thin waistline?

It’s essential for you to enjoy your overall diet and don’t feel restricted by it. If you feel deprived in some way, you will eventually try to compensate about it, since there is all this tension building up in your subconscious.pexels-photo-998237.jpeg

Think of those sweets, chocolates, cakes as a dessert, as a prize, which you can rightfully enjoy and please do, in a sensible way. Allow yourself small treats and this will help you stick to a healthier diet in the long-run.

See that piece of cake? Enjoy one just like it. 🙂


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